Vote Jessica Rafferty for Judge on November 5th!

If Elected

Constitutional Judiciary

  • Jessica will uphold our laws and the Constitution as they are written
  • Jessica will not legislate from the bench. 
  • Jessica will keep politics out of the courtroom and ensure justice remains blind and everyone is provided with an equal opportunity to be heard.

Protecting Families

Jessica has spent her career fighting to protect children.  In addition to her work as an attorney she has worked with children and families at all levels: 

  • Local - CASA of Westmoreland (Court appointmed Special Advocate for children); 
  • Statewide - Pennsylvania maxium security detention center;
  • National - National Center for Missing & Exploited Children; and
  • International - United States Peace Corps.

Jessica believes that our courts should work to make families stronger, and will work to understand each family's unique needs in the courtroom. 

Combating the Drug Epidemic

The drug epidemic ravaging our communities doesn't discriminate against any class, race or upbringing. Jessica believes that our courts should treat the drug epidemic as the public health crisis it is, and will work to improve access to drug courts, rehabilitation, and diversionary programs for individuals and families hit the hardest by this epidemic.